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Medicine Shell is My Cherokee Name

I’m Cherokee. My name was given to me by my first Chief.
He did months of research. He comes up with names based on birth months, personalities, and character. Essentially the Medicine part of my name comes from the Cherokees believing that their are many types of Medicine in life. Not just pills. We believe that anything that makes you happy is a medicine. The first chief believed that I told stories through my photos- so I give out Medicine to everyone’s lives I touch. And Shell comes from seashells…. There are many different colors, shapes and sizes and none are the same. Just like my photos. Hence. Medicine Shell.


Leaving a lasting Impact

I thought it was cool he named me based on a lot of factors but my photography is what touched him the most.

That’s one of the reasons I rebranded from my regular name to my Cherokee name. He had since passed away… So I definitely still wanted to carry on his thoughts and my heritage on in my work. I’m not here to just take your photos. I’m here to make the ENTIRE experience absolutely amazing!


My Specialty

Your number one reason for hiring a Professional Photographer is what? To take photos of an event that you want to treasure for a lifetime right?

That’s my specialty. I’m here not only to capture those moments, but to help enhance the very essence of them. My clients tell me that their experience with me brings more emotion and happiness than they ever thought possible. I’ve been told I am truly a “dream catcher” with every photo I take.